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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Educating Virginia Drivers (Course 1)

I can't take it anymore, something must be done. I am sick and tired of driving to and from work here in VA and seeing all the moronic things these VA drivers do. With that being said, I will begin a course on this blog to help educate these schlomos and hopefully we will get some results, or just have fun ripping on them. Feel free to add any courses you see fit.

Today's topic is: Where to place your GPS/Satellite radio in your car

I'll make this one nice and easy folks, using simple pictures, not those silly words that might bewilder you.

The proper place to put your GPS/Satellite radio:

The wrong place to put your GPS/Satellite radio:

Lesson complete.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Name

The double -Ds are for a double dose of this pimpin'. It's from a great movie and if you don't know WHAT're not American.

In other news: Carrot top is scary and is at the heart of all my nightmares after watching the roast of flava flav. He needs a double-dose of straightness.

Its a great song. "You sausage wallet I love you"