Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rest of September


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Davos said...

One very annoyed Boat and the further postponement of getting a gym membership.

King Fangson said...

If you add a tub to that equation I know a Boat that would say a little something like this, "This is so Boring, you guys are so lame, we never do anything fun all we do is sit around this stupid living room and drink out of a god damn tub... you guys are such losers."

Davos said...

I think you need to add a few more faces to that picture now.

LoydKristmis said...

I think if D-Lips played this game he wouldn't have so many bad things to say about hockey.

It is extra nasty.

TheBlackCrusaders said...

What's this hockey everyone keeps talking about? And who the fuck is Ryan Miller?

Bobby B said...

Chicks dig the headsets.